A-Z Blog Challenge J: Journey and Changelight in the darkness

Carl Jung: We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.

Journey – from the moment we’re born to when we take our last breath. Always changing, from infancy through the stage to where we are now, and further journeys still to undergo or even go over – physiologically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually –

Journey: from the Old English meaning road, passage, expedition, a trip, travel, day’s work, day’s journey. I like that the definition includes ‘passage’ and in the way that I use it here, I am not necessarily referring to going back or coming to a particular place. Although I think of a road trip I did a few years ago on my own travelling by car from home through the Karoo down to Plettenberg Bay. That was a journey in a few senses – actually covering ground but also very much a journey within, with time on my own to take in the sights and sounds of silence, as my thoughts kept changing about myself and others, the world in which we live. The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fell more into place – and I felt an inner shift, an inner change, in my attitude towards life and death and all in between – for me it was a passage of the psyche –

And joy, in the simplest of pleasures! To see the bud bloom and the dew drops sparkling like jewels on the grass or on the trembling leaf. A bee sniffing at the nectar, its wings beating at a 1000 miles an hour. That first taste of coffee in the morning. A phone call from one’s friend or child, a good book, a piece of music that softens and enlarges the heart, the shadows lengthening or shortening signalling change in the seasons – and so it is with us as we continue our journey –Β 

‘The least of things with a meaning is worth more than the greatest of things without it

Carl Jung: Modern Man in Search of a Soul

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  1. While I was with my brother, he had what he called a hallucination. He saw me traveling on a boat across water and then crossing a border to be with him. He doesn’t remember dreams or look into his inner life, but there it was for both of us. The importance of me taking the inner journey across the great inner sea, across the border to where he is in his dying process. I won’t forget that image of my journey and his. And I won’t forget the joy of meeting him there.

    • This is very moving Elaine, thank you for sharing this with us. Your brother won’t forget this either …
      I’m just back (last night) and am catching up on comments. Are you back after your visit? I imagine so, I remember you said you were going.

  2. Hence the reason we must allow God to enact vengeance. Easier said then done when someone we love is threatened. Or we witness an injustice at the hands of a bully.

    May peace come to reign more in our violent world.

    • I know that God said ‘let vengeance be mine’ – there are times though that we must act, as you say when confronted or witnessing a bully.

      I too hope for peace in our violent world. Thank you for coming by Daniel.

  3. It’s sad at times that we have to let go to let the change happen. We can’t stop it no matter how much we want to hold on to the now. We have to savor those moments before they’re gone.

    Thanks for soft cushion blow. πŸ™‚

    • Isn’t that a lovely paradox Kim, let go in order to move on … and yes it can be sad letting go of what was once familiar, maybe comfortable. Thank you for coming by πŸ™‚

  4. Life in itself is an incredible journey of change! Over the years my journey brought many ups and downs, but they were valuable learning lessons for me. The journey can be filled with many different roads… we just have to figure out which one to take. An excellent post! Thank you!

    • Even if we took the one not best suited at the time, we’ve learned from that somehow …Thank you dear Gwynn and continue your journey with the attitude you have .. you’re doing great! xx

  5. Much truth to the Jung quote — Condemnation does nothing but oppresses … the inner spirit, same for the outer world. To see the sights and signs of silence .. so important, not easy, as it requires acceptance. Love the song Sound of Silence. Your words tap into the soul, the heart, and I find myself nodding, smiling. Thank you.

    • Thanks Silvia for your lovely comment – and for emphasising inner spirit, outer world. I love that song too – Hello Darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again ..

  6. i love these two quotes from C. Jung. They are truths that go down deep into the soul. These are the truths we need to face when we start out on our journey. Condemnation will not help us to discover ourselves and move through our passage. Only the willingness to embrace it throws light upon the passage we are on.
    Thank you, dear Susan.
    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange

  7. I can see your Jung shaped heart Deborah! I too am grateful blessed thrilled to have found Jung – I remember in a post grad Psych assignment comparing Jung & Freud (when Moses was a boy so long ago that was)… well, I couldn’t stop writing, thinking, feeling, pausing .. not much has changed now that I think about it. Though more emphasis on Jung and other in depth analysts … πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your kind words, and blessings to you from me and autumnal evening …

  8. Jung, oh Jung! He is definitely, a large piece of my life’s jigsaw (and jackpot!) … which fell gracefully into place the day I met him (for the second time) and my soul-evolving journey begun. The hole in my heart was even Jung-shaped I tell others. Another stunning post Susan, I’m loving your β€˜Change’ theme, it’s so inspiring, and encouraging for all who read and share your wonderful words. Blessings, Deborah.

  9. Another good one, Susan!
    I also love the word “journey” and how it can mean travel to a place, but also travel to or on an inner road of the mind or body.

    And the word “joy” sounds like what it means!

    • Thank you wordsmith Merril – I love how you say joy sounds like what it means! It does doesn’t it? Journey – also in my mind, a lovely long word ..

  10. I love the detail you note along your inner journey, Susan — those flowers, our inner blooming.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and coming along with me on this 2016 A-Z journey. Your always being there for support means a lot to me.

    • Inner blooming – and flowers so beautifully put Samantha thank you!

      Your blog is always fascinating – I feel as if I’m travelling on your highways and bi-ways. And thank you for your support, you know how I appreciate it πŸ™‚

  11. I love this perspective on journey Susan. It’s such an expansive and gentle way to hold ourselves as we navigate this world of our life.

    • Thank you Deborah, that’s very kind. I’ve been remiss in attending to yours, always so interesting and wise, colourful and artistic … hopefully tonight I’ll pay a visit!

  12. Change AND acceptance? Oh my. I hate change and I’m not known for being flexible. Acceptance–I’m pretty good at that.

    OK, Susan, I will keep working on it.

    • Thank you dear Mira! Yup, hard a t times. Thank you for FB share πŸ™‚ Am not so much on FB right now because of the A-Z but always so lovely to read your wise posts. Hang in there with the heat. Love, Susan.

    • Aha! Why am I not surprised AJ!!! Just thinking about a road trip through the Karoo makes me jump for joy! Time for another – soon. Maybe next month ..

  13. Susan, My local Sound Healing group is using drums and singing bowls to do some spiritual journeying… I’m tempted to try… and afraid where I will end, likely needing to make changes that I lack the courage to make! B

  14. Hi Susan – I suspect if I travelled more now – long journeys … maybe with shorter breaks my thoughts would go off in completely different directions to my early year.

    I drove from CT to Durban … and have done Jhb to CT … and some long trips when my mother was out … absorbing the country, seeing the norms – though I’d definitely learn more now. I did write letters home about my trips – which I have here …

    I shall in due course journey as a journey-woman again sometime … cheers Hilary

    • Thanks Hilary for coming by. CT-Durban, Jhbg-CT are verrrry long trips. And you certainly continue journeying as I well know from your posts on Cornwall and Devon and all over. And though there may be a hiatus now, I know you will continue journeying. Susan xx

  15. I’m loving your theme more and more, Susan. So many thought provoking posts to explore and ponder. Journey, especially a journey to joy and finding the inner peace is how I could describe my life in the last decade or so. Still journeying, but what’s different now is that I appreciate the journey and not fixated on fixing myself πŸ™‚ One of the healing modalities I used for a while was called the Journey. It’s by Brandon Bays and I couldn’t imagine my life without it for a while. Many thanks!

    • Thanks for coming by Gulara, I’m loving your letters too ..

      Brandon Bays has been here a few times and although I’ve never attended or read her books I certainly know of her and her wisdom about the journey …

      Yes, it’s true that we cannot remain fixed – and especially not fixated on fixing ourselves!

      Who knows the destination? But inner peace is something we could all strive for – this surely makes the journey worthwhile … πŸ™‚

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