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It’s Good Friday, Easter, the day of Christ’s crucifixion on the cross at Golgotha. A blessed Easter to you all.

Was Jesus on a quest for peace and freedom for all mankind? Did he show by his parables and actions that He was who he said He was? These are questions that we all ask in our individual way as we ponder Jesus’s long walk to the cross and his crucifixion at Golgotha (the place of skulls) – and his final words, My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?

Ignatius of Antioch  35AD – 108 AD

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“He comes to us as One unknown, without a name, as of old, by the lakeside,
He came to those men who knew Him not. He speaks to us the same words: “Follow thou me!” and sets us to the tasks which He has to fulfil for our time. He commands. And to those who obey Him, whether they be wise or simple, He will reveal himself in the toils, the conflicts, the sufferings which they shall pass through in His fellowship, and, as an ineffable mystery, they shall learn in their own experience Who He is.”
― Albert Schweitzer: The Quest of the Historical Jesus 

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful quotes and thoughts. As a woman brought up Presbyterian, I cringe at what passes for “Christian” values in my culture. It amazes me that people can treat less fortunate people as they do and still claim to be Christians. But why should I be surprised. Slave owners considered themselves Christians. It’s a huge quest to free ourselves from enslavement to our most selfish and narrow-minded instincts.

    • You’ve nailed it Elaine thank you … I’m reminded of a story from a while ago. In front of a large and beautiful church on the stairs was a man who looked very unkempt. The congregation passed him by making comments that he didn’t belong there and to go away. When the church was full, this man walked into the church and up to the altar and disrobed from his shabby clothes, wearing the full regalia of his cloth as minister/preacher of that church. He chided his congregation for their treatment of this beggar … well, I don’t have to say anymore ..

    • Thank you for saying this Kaddu – so succinctly – who was it who said, the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off – I think Gloria Steinem. I’ll pop by you shortly –

  2. Susan ~ Yes, I believe it is a quest . . . to know, not know, unknow, and remember. Jesus asks us to pick up our crosses and share in the weight of the world and its suffering, to transform our personal concerns into universal ones. The kingdom is both inside and outside, it’s who and what we are, yet is bigger than us too. Once we begin to remember, we descend into hell and rise reborn, again and again. Jesus’ teachings challenge us to embrace this inner kingdom over all others kingdoms, which is to turn away from worldly empires and power over others.

    It’s the same truth taught by other great teachers, prophets, and philosophers.

    Since World War II, the US war machine has been responsible for 20 million deaths, interfered in 82 different elections, overthrown 36 foreign governments and has dropped bombs in 30 different countries! Yet people continue to place their faith in this system of empire to solve the suffering it brings. These are the facts, this is the reality many of us live with.

    This morning I woke feeling the weight of it all, knowing nothing I can say, no set of facts I can share will change anyone’s mind. Can I learn to accept the *quietism* of a small, mostly silent life, to be content and accepting of the suffering I read about each day and see all around me within my community, and in my small, random efforts that never go to the root, passing out food or socks, or rain tarps, or fleece to those who don’t have enough, never had enough, or who fought our pointless wars and returned broken and homeless, now hide in our parks and doorways, sleep in the rain?

    I wondered if this is what is meant by quietism.

    • Thank you for your lovely response LB. Yes these are truths made by many wise minds who ask us to question our relationship to ourselves, others and the wider world and be able to pick up our own crosses and bear them. It asks much from us – to bear our own crosses.

      Our Faith is sorely misplaced when it is in those that ‘rule’ over us. We collude to a significant extent and are thus complicit in empire building. I think Jesus said don’t pay taxes?

      Life is an ongoing tragedy for so many – we must do what we can to alleviate those sufferings. You clearly do a great deal in giving what you can. I imagine many of us do in our small or not so small ways. Soup kitchens, clothing and food donations, money to organisations who actually do what they purport to do and provide havens for those in distress. I reckon people do know on some level how much money is spent on the war machine, how many lives lost and destroyed, yet feel powerless to overthrow the govt or ruler in charge.

      Keep on roaring in your quiet way ..

      I’m planning an S post – built around a friend’s response to my request as to what freedom means to them personally. I’m perfectly challenged by her response.

      • Actually Susan, the words attributed to Jesus are “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.”

        Most of us are legally required to pay taxes ~ whereas we’re neither required nor compelled (except by our cultural conditioning) to vote for, support, promote, or most importantly, place our faith in the rulers of empire and our imperialist systems.

      • P.S. I’m thinking I probably need to do a better job of keeping my ‘roar’ to myself. At least in comments, where the unspoken and agreed-upon rules are to keep things light and agreeable, without saying too much. I was just reading on another blogger’s website, (a participant in this month’s Blogging A To Z challenge) about people who drone on and on, seemingly oblivious to the fact that no one is interested in what they’re saying. I get it and am grateful to this person for confirming what I’ve long known.


        • Maybe the other A to Z blogger was thinking of me as the person who drones on and on and no-one was really interested – 🙂

          I haven’t been by to many of the A-Z bloggers though I try my best when there is time. I know that many of them cover book reviews, writing tips, recipes and a wide range of genres. There’ve been some pretty interesting ones about climate change, ways to reduce our negative impact/footprint, short sharp and punchy ones, some longer, some more personal that are a delight to read and so on. A few of the commentators on my blog fit that bill ..The A-Z is not meant to be heavy or to preach. There are other platforms for that …

          Thanks for the source of Jesus’ comment re taxes and rendering unto Caesar.

  3. “Quest” is such an exciting word to my mind, body, spirit and soul! For entering life’s labyrinth and following the red thread certainly feels like one.

    • Oops that posted too quickly! Like Christ, Mandela was also fated to take that “long walk” to freedom, and both journeys seem to hold the tension of the opposites so well. I guess this is why my Jungian studies have felt like the closest I’ve felt spiritually in many years.

      Have a wonderful Easter Susan! I’ve just returned from a beautiful and hot (and tiring!) six hour bike ride along the local beaches, up and down the coast. Hmm, sunburn in April doesn’t happen often here … so feeling like a hot cross bunny! Love and light, Deborah.

      • I loved what the minister said at a service I attended today. Jesus didn’t take love, he GAVE love. So the opposites were there also.

        Long walks indeed – I visited two friends recovering at home from recent hospital surgeries. The one friend was walking in her garden when I found her at the bottom of it – she said that was the first long walk that’s she’s had in several weeks.

        Your bike ride sounds wondrous! Hot (cross) bunny indeed!

        May our quest never end …

        Thank you for coming by and a blessed Easter to you. Love and Light to you too. Susan

    • A blessed Easter to you too Marian and family. I loved what the minister said at a service I went to today – Jesus didn’t take love, he gave love ..

  4. Very appropriate post for this sacred day. In a perfect world freedom doesn’t seem like it should have to come as the result of a quest, yet people struggle for freedom when it’s there for the having when we believe.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  5. Happy Good Friday and have a fun and Happy Easter. I think mankind can only hope that after our quest through life that we rise and join him in the Heavens.

    • Thanks Gwynn! Hope you have a good one too😀 what a lovely thought – to join with him on our death – this was touched on in a service I attended today –

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