Full Moon, Spring Tides –

I haven’t put up a post for a long while now. I wondered a bit about this – part of me wanted to be more engaged but another part of me wondered if I had anything of any importance to say?

But, it is full moon today – last night it looked pretty full and magnificent. I saw it through the leaves of a tree at my son’s girlfriend’s home where we were for a delicious dinner. The skies were clouded over but the moon would peek through the clouds and branches every now and then. She was lovely –

This morning dawned with rain and coolth and it has been like this the whole day. There is something so soft and cooling about this kind of weather. It did preclude though, my husband and I swimming across the lagoon, onto the beach, and walking across and having a swim in the sea on Lookout Beach this morning.

I had my first swim yesterday – a bit unbelievable since we’ve been here in Plettenberg Bay since just before Christmas. It was wonderful being in the sea, diving into waves, getting knocked and bucketed  about and dumped, being aware of the strong current pulling in the opposite direction. It was not the place to float as I would have liked to have done, but this will still happen. I was with my husband and brother – for my brother, his first swim in the sea also.

We’ve had many walks here and there … the one day we braved the wind and walked on Keurbooms beach. My husband, brother and 2 sons ..

The holiday makers have left, the town is a lot quieter.

My sister who is currently at their holiday home in the Wilderness, about 1 hr 15 mins away from Plettenberg Bay, told me the story of her rescuing a cormorant tangled in fishing line on the rocks just the other day. She and her friend took the injured bird to the vet some way away, and when they got home they were phoned that the disentanglement was complete and that the bird was ready for fetching to be released. Which my sister did and carrying the distressed bird in a cage, returned to the scene with her son in tow and her grandchild aged 4. It sounded an extraordinary story as she related it to me, steep rocks to clamber over, her son carrying the small child on his shoulders, both of them barefoot – and before this story gets too long, the below photo is of the bird returned to the sea. Well done Sis, a great achievement.

And then on their return to clamber up the rocks again young Matthew the 4 year old shouted, A fossil a fossil! Come quickly! Under the cave – this is her photo. Well, believe it or not, it is a log!

This is a photo of the green drink I make most mornings – apple, spinach and water is its base – I add whatever to it, fresh ginger, cucumber, mint, a desert spoon or so of already prepared crushed seeds, including sunflower, sesame, chia, coconut flakes and other … (made by me, stored in airtight container) ..

Back to full moon and spring tides … I doubt we’ll see it tonight, it’s too cloudy. The waves that I can see from my balcony don’t look overly large, in fact the lagoon and the sea looks positively calm. Maybe it’ll change tomorrow. On that note of change, may I wish you calm and peace as this year gets underway. 

The top photo is taken from the garden of Beacon Isle where we attended my younger son’s gig last Sunday evening. The promontory is the Robberg in the near distance –

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    • We watched the inauguration when we got back from our travels late yesterday afternoon – may there be magic and the women’s march go well. We hear conflicting reports that the march is against Trump, another that the march is for equality in everything … who knows …
      Thanks for coming by Beth – have a good weekend.

  1. Since I often don’t go out at night I miss seeing the full moons, though I did catch a glimpse the other night through my bedroom window blinds as I lay in bed.

    That drink sounds so healthful. I really should start doing something like this. I’ve been considering going on more of a liquid diet as solid food doesn’t seem all that appealing to me much of the time. Healthful drinks would probably be important for me to consume more of.

    I wish you a wonderful year!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Thanks Arlee so much for coming by. We’ve just returned from our travels, back home in Johannesburg and in front of TV watching the inauguration of Donald Trump. May all go well in this transition.

      The drink which I have for breakfast is delicious and satisfying. I wouldn’t go off solids though …

      May your 2017 be wonderful and creative, healthy and happy!

  2. You always keep me in touch with nature, a call to balance and centering, a challenge these days as I’m trying to put up a new website and things have gotten really off kilter. On Facebook I posted a photo yesterday that represents the current chaos – ha! I remind myself that this too shall pass.

    Your green drink looks very nutritious; I hope it tastes good too.

    Nice to see you here again, Susan!

    • Good luck with the new website Marian! I think I’d go nuts (or even more nuts) without some form of nature there to put things into perspective!

      The green drink is lovely and delicious! I’ve got some blueberries and strawberries that need blending before we set off tomorrow back to Johannesburg, stopping in at the Mountain Zebra Lodge for two nights. No doubt I’ll be taking photos …

      Thanks for coming by 🙂

  3. What a lovely, peaceful post, Susan. I get the feeling you’re one of those people whom everyone instantly feels more relaxed around. I hope I get to test my theory one day in the not-too-distant future.

    I especially enjoyed your story about the cormorant. You may already know Chinese fisherman use these great birds to catch fish, and I got to hold one of the birds while I was there–what majestic creatures! May good karma follow your sister for the rest of her days.

    Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Holli for coming by and your lovely response! May the not too distant future roll on sooner rather than later!

      I’ll let my sweet sister know about your lovely comment and good karma following her all the days of her life – yes they are magnificent and how lucky you were to hold one!

      May 2017 be your best year yet!

  4. Ah, Nature’s healing with her important characters–the moon, the sea, the wild things, and family adventures in nature. The story about the cormorant is lovely. Animal rescue of any sort is good for my Soul and I’m grateful to help once in a while. The Full moon was behind clouds in the evening here, but at 7 am the next morning, there was a break of blue sky and I saw the full moonset out the western windows. I watch Venus every evening when the sky is clear. She is so luminous and bright right now. Inspiring. Susan, thank you for the photos and for giving me a taste of your beautiful world and the powerful sea.

    • Thanks Elaine for coming by! I showed my sister Debora my post – I overnighted with my brother at her holiday home in the Wilderness last night, in part because her home is much closer to the airport than I am here in Plett, and also because I wanted to spend some time with my siblings. We took our brother Christopher to the airport at midday today. Had the tides been in our favour, she would have taken me to the place of rescue and the fossil. These things are so good for the soul as you say ..

      How lucky you are to have seen her in her glory! I took photos on Friday night around 10 … they’re quite impressive. I like to see her in full glory and radiance as well as how she can sail through clouds, peeking in and out.

      Have a great week – I know you’re preparing for he Washington march on Sat 21st. I’ll be with you all in spirit.

  5. what a lovely post Susan, thanks for sharing, enjoyed reading and the lovely pictures you posted. I sensed so much love, compassion, relaxation and peace in your writings. Thanks dear, wishing you and your family members blessings and prosperity for the New year 2017:)

    • Thanks so much Genevive for coming by and your lovely comments. It’s very special to me to hear your response to this post. All blessings to you and your family for 2017 :). Xx

  6. Hi Susan…. great to read your updates.
    Love the photographs. My favorite spotlight was the anecdote involving your sister and her friend “at the rescue”… Truly moving… I could also see the cormoran´s head among the waves. Beautiful!.
    As to the full moon… I and saw it quite clearly as there were not clouds over here.
    It seems your 2017 is off to a good start… wishing that it continues being that way 😉

    • Thank you Aquileana for coming by! I’m so pleased about the cormorant story being your favourite highlight – I should have said that I am proud to be my sister’s sister … she is a brave and very caring woman.

      May your 2017 be wonderful in every way! Hard to believe that we are halfway through January already! 🙂

  7. What a lovely post, Susan. The cadence of your musings transported me to long, sandy beaches and the crash and roar of the open ocean. Here in Curaçao beaches are small, like coves, and one would be hard-pressed to find a wave bigger than a metre at any of them 🙂

    Thanks for the visit over at Quiet Laughter . May 2017 bring you all that you wish for, my friend.

    • Thanks so much Guilie for coming by! As I write overlooking the lagoon and the sea, the colour of blue is quite startling and the waves look small and idyllic – A metre high wave is just perfect .. I reckon I could happily body surf in that :).

      All good wishes to you for this year – keep on writing – and being you …

  8. Your family time sounds lovely. I live nowhere near an ocean or sea, so my few walks along a beach I treasure as precious memories. While I cannot walk along the beach, I can follow your lead and get into a habit of making a healthy shake such as the one you mentioned. Sounds delicious to me.

    • I don’t live at the sea Ally Bean-we have a holiday home here. Back home I walk the burbs-do try the healthy shakes – I use Apple and spinach and water as a base, whizz it up and add fresh ginger mint –and those power nuts and seeds – it really is delist. You could experiment – make berry shakes with power seeds. Chia is good 😊

  9. Hi Susan – I remember the pull of those waves – and hardly went swimming or paddling far when I was on the South African coast … but so glad you’re having a lovely time. Wonderful the log is recognised as a fossil – at least he didn’t call his elders that! To me it looks like a beached something – pop it and yugh!

    I spoke with Jhb yesterday and they were sitting by the pool relaxing … I was freezing in the cold – thankfully the flat is very warm.

    I now need to take stock … the 13th has come and gone – and so I can work on the year ahead … balance, move forward etc … the moon has been pretty good – though we’ve had a minor dusting of snow … it’s warming tomorrow …

    Cheers and enjoy your last few days down in the Cape – and have a brilliant year – Hilary

    • Hi Hilary – ha ha I had to laugh re the not calling the oldies fossils! And popping it – it does look like a blow-up!

      These last few days will be good I’m sure – my brother returned this morning to Durban, younger son and bride are back in Cape Town as of yesterday, elder son is away for a few days as of Friday so now it my husband and I on our own – 🙂

      May your 2017 be a blessed year for you Hilary – good health, friendship, creativity and joy your companions .

  10. Love that green drink, Susan. I make a similar one, minus the spinach.

    Thanks for sharing snapshots of your wonderful life, they make me happy. Missed you. Have an amazing 2017!

  11. Dear Susan, It’s wonderful to read all your news, and enjoy your photos. I woke early this morning to catch sight of the full moon myself, and was rewarded by the best view I’ve seen in years. There she was clear and bright, Heaven’s most dazzling centrepiece! The sky was completely cloudless, and she was utterly beautiful. I dropped off back to sleep and this morning awoke to white windows, and my garden covered in snowflakes.

    Ha Ha! That wooden fossil looks just like a sleeping (lying on its back) dinosaur! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Plettenberg Bay, looks wonderful there. I hope the day finds you well, blessings always, (one of many it seems!) Deborah(s).

    • What a lovely description of your view on the moon Deborah – ‘Heaven’s most dazzling centrepiece!” There was no view on Thursday night – too clouded, but last evening at around 10 she peeped out from the clouds. I took photos … I was so pleased to see her, even if a day late –

      The day has started well – not so clouded, though coolish. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for coming by. Many blessings to you. I’ll be seeing my sister Debora (another!) a little later on today when I drive through with my brother to the Wilderness to overnight there; and put my brother on the plane to fly back to Durban his home, tomorrow. Who knows, maybe tomorrow morning after airports and such, my sis will take me to see the wooden dinosaur down at the bottom … 🙂

  12. I love the way you write about the moon. “I haven’t put up a post for a long while now. I wondered a bit about this – part of me wanted to be more engaged but another part of me wondered if I had anything of any importance to say?” Sometimes looking at the moon and feeling its effect is enough. the moon is an inspiration for me too, I once wrote a blog about three ways it affects your dreaming: http://mindfunda.com/full-moon/, that might be interesting for you too.

  13. It sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying family time, while on your summer vacation. I so miss swimming in the ocean, I can feel the swells and the current as you speak. I did laugh at the 4 yr. old’s sighting of the ‘fossil.” To me the picture appeared to be of some huge fish that ate a human with only the arms sticking out of its mouth. You are having fun… and PLEASE send WARM weather to our COLD Northwest.

    • I love your thought about the fossil Gwynn! I must say I was taken in – gullible person that I am! It’s another cool day here – maybe time to put on a jersey/sweater. I hope to get in more swims before our return – thank you for coming by, and have a great weekend.

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