Full Moon


I took the photo last night. The moon will be full tonight …

I had not planned it but this morning saw me tidying, organising my bathroom cupboards, taking stuff out of bedroom to my study (still to be sorted), colouring my hair, a facial scrub and baobab oil on my face right now as I go about tasks.

My American friend who lives in Cape Town phoned this morning – she is arriving tomorrow in Johannesburg to see her eye surgeon and will overnight here at my home. She recently returned from the US after attending the funeral of her older sister.

She is in deep pain at the outcome of POTUS. She is politically savvy and right now, aghast and fearful of today’s news of the election of Trump’s Chief of Staff. Plus Trump repealing the 2009 interdict (though I think it was never interdicted?) which kept bank and private money separated after the ‘lesson’ of the crash of 2008..

We are very aware of the heart-felt pain of Americans who are exceedingly alarmed at the election of Donald Trump. I have several friends in the States both personal and through the Internet whose views I deeply respect and I can feel their deep concern.

The reverberations are huge. Everywhere and every one in the world has reason to be exceedingly alarmed. The thought of nationalism on the rise is extremely worrying. So many, many concerns ….

As I was going about my tasks this morning I found myself thinking about these extraordinary times in which we are living. I’ve read much on social media, some very excellent posts on FB for example, clear analyses facing the dangers, thoughtful blog posts, quotes by the Dalai Lama, Buddha and so on reminding us of the inner light. I follow a few Jungian FB threads which are always interesting. A man who lives in Sweden for example recently had a dream where the underground systems of Stockholm were crumbling and out of the morass exited a woman dressed in white charging away from the mess. He wondered what it meant. It’s a powerful dream in my view.

Susan Schwartz writes in our soon to be published book ‘Aging & Becoming ~ A Reflective Enquiry ~’ of a woman who dreamed that she was in a nuclear explosion and who could she turn to – there was no-one. Or was there  –

Many posts are memes if that’s the right word, short, profound, exhorting kindness, more so than ever. Some write about the need for the shadow to be exposed and at least things are clearer though no less troubling. I remember hearing a political analyst on TV saying that in this last 100 year span, only once before has the ruling party in the US been elected to a third term.  That gave me cause for pause – and made me wonder about cycles and the crying need for change –

Many FB posts write of their shock and hurt and deep deep pain.

Susan and I write in our book about the moon in a chapter called ‘Moon, Mourning & Mystery’. What force other than the moon who pulls the oceans from shore to shore. The moon has a direct effect on women’s monthly bleeding when a group is in synch. Plantings are done by the moon – and much more. Mourning – such a time right now. Mystery – will we ever know –  what is next?

The full moon is tonight – may we pay attention to this occasion at this time.

Her energies are feminine ones. We can call on her. We can look up at her beauty tonight. We can look up at her while looking deep down into our hearts, and send a message or a prayer or an invocation to her that we need her healing energies. We know that she is a guide – she has guided ancient travellers for aeons as have the stars ..

I will consciously ask her for peace and patience, calm and still, to be a balm to all in this time of upheaval. I will ask her to bear with us in our pain and woundedness at least for a while. I will ask her for her feminine energies to shine brightly on the masculine energies so that unification can happen. I will ask that she shine benignly on our planet in crisis on so many levels.


Simone Weil: ‘Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity’. 

img_1907-3Photo taken at 6.15 this evening after major afternoon rainstorm. ..

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  1. Beautiful post, as always.

    I think I’m still in denial. I’m hoping someone will figure out a way to reverse this decision. A lot of people are trying!

    2016 can go do nasty things to itself. And so can Trump.

  2. So many mixed thoughts as i read your post; some places pain, insecurity, concerns due to everything that is happening around us,including our country, wherein currency is demonetised. The one’s most affected are those hoarding black money; at the same time simple people are also affected due to ATMs closed for two days after the PM announced that 1000 & 500 notes go invalid. The banks are still crowded, we are hoping for progress. when I read about the moon I felt calm and yes we do need the healing energies to bring peace. I saw some very brilliant pictures of the full moon sent by my friends. It was such a beautiful sight..

    • Hello Genevive and thank you for coming by. I read about the black market notes being taken out of circulation and the effect also on everyone of ATM’s being closed for 2 days .. strange times indeed all around the world. The healing energies are it seems taking their time. But the sight of the full moon was hopeful. Especially Genevive I hope that you are much better.

  3. I too was attracted to that moon — on the other side of the world. Thanks, Susan, for adding your knowledge of the moon’s female energy and her connection to mourning and mystery. Thinking of all that happened in the last nine days can be overwhelming. Thank you for holding open possibilities for all of us as we gather to learn from each other. Simone Weil’s kind of attention is exactly what we need now. Thank you for holding up that quote at the end.

    • Thank you for coming by Shirley. We’re merely a week into the results of the election. While it’s important to be aware of possibilities we have to be able to confront the real and present danger of a demagogue; history is replete with such, and we seem not to learn from history. We each have to do all that we can to bring in balance. Your retreat is one such where prayers and contemplation and love mean much. I too love Simone Weil’s quote. Have a peaceful tender and loving weekend.

  4. Thank you for soothing words, Susan. It’s difficult to calm myself at the most basic levels. I meditate, do visualizations, and take long walks, but the underlying stress is pervasive and part of every conversation. We are afraid. Even glancing at the news reinforces fear. I agree newspapers aren’t reliable, but look at the resumes of the people who are coming to power. It’s a time to breathe deeply and figure out what action can be taken, especially local action of service and support.

    How I loved that big fat moon. Thanks for your photo. I posted a photo of an orange moonset. Reassuring Mother Moon. I look forward to your book. I love a paperback and don’t love e-books, so let me know when you have paperbacks on the way–or let me know if you aren’t going in that direction so I can get over my resistance to e-books.

    • Thanks Elaine for coming by. I agree there is much to fear – we know that the lessons of history are not well learned. Freud’s repetition compulsion comes to mind – history will keep repeating itself until the lesson is finally learned. And action must be taken, in whatever way we can – like the people protesting about the Dakota oil line eg. I sometimes think of not paying taxes or withholding them until we can know without a shadow of a doubt that the monies from tax payers are used in the way we pay them for .. But I also know that in the US this is a crime. Believe it or not, there IS something in the literature that says we are NOT absolutely beholden to pay taxes –

      I loved your FB moon! Re; the book, it’s getting close to being released – the editing has been so time consuming, picking up more errors when I thought they’d all been done. For the moment it will be an e-book. I’ll make printed copies here in SA and am trying to figure a way of also having them printed in the US. And to see whether Amazon does printing if that is what people want. It looks gorgeous!

  5. Amen. May the feminine energies save us all from the hate and intolerance that this election has unleashed on the world. I’m not altogether surprised that The Donald conned enough people to vote for him, but I am horrified by the instant regression to bullying that has accompanied it. Sad times, requiring guidance from above.

    • Thanks Ally Bean for coming by. It is pretty alarming indeed … as you say, instant regression to bullying. A very troubling response on so many levels. Not a response really, a reaction – may we all be more response-able in better and wiser ways … but methinks better and wiser voices are being heard – which will not be silenced. There is hope maybe that when the world gets dark there is a counter response to bring in some light as in eg Lao Tzu, Buddha, Christ, many many others – renaissances of what was always there, like the light of the moon …

  6. Amen to the prayer that you mentioned in the end. It is the need of the hour and is something that we all can do with. The election results in the US has shocked most of the people. Here’s hoping that the new president listens to your prayer, Susan! And wasnt the super moon truly gorgeous!?!

    • Thanks Shilpa for coming by – troubling times for all no matter what stripe or persuasion … Yes the moon was so so gorgeous! The one I took on the night was truly amazingly wondrous!

  7. This is the time to separate what we can control (our reaction to what appears to be political upheaval) and what we can’t. The Serenity Prayer applies here.

    Tidying up, organizing and self-care are rituals that will send you out into the world refreshed. Thank you for giving us your readers a forum to express ourselves, Susan. You are so good at that!

    • Thank you Marian. The Serenity Prayer, longer than we think it is, is certainly applicable. I’ve just looked it up and re-read it. It’s lovely. Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971).

      I am feeling refreshed thank you – just back from a walk in the coolth of the evening and have just added a photo of the rainbow at the end of the body of this post which I took this afternoon after a major thunderstorm. Reminds me of God’s covenant with Noah. Do have a look! (I hope it’s not upside down, the photo ie).

  8. In the fullness of time, your friend will be less unhappy with the new president. Most of what the press reported about him was false–and negative. 91% of their stories were negative. I stopped believing them.

    Love your moon picture. It was amazing, to share that view with the entire world, wasn’t it?

    • Thanks for coming by Jacqui. Let’s hope that all who are so unhappy re recent election of POTUS will have good reason to be more hopeful in the coming days, weeks and months.

      Well now, that’s an interesting perspective about sharing the moon on my side with the rest of the world! I hadn’t thought of that!

  9. Hi Susan – I’ve been reading much too … as well as listening … but I hope the full moon brings some peace and settlement to our future … here it is clouded over and getting cloudier. We live in difficult times – and need to protect others and remind ourselves we all matter … with thoughts – but enjoy seeing your friend … Hilary

    • What strange times we live in Hilary! Your idea of protection to everything is a lovely reminder thank you. We had a major thunderstorm earlier – a little while later there was a glorious rainbow, which I’ve now added at the end of the body of the post. Thank you for coming by, Susan

  10. A lovely, thoughtful post, Susan. I saw the almost full moon (it looked full to me) this morning–it was lighting up our bathroom through the shade! It filled me with a sense of wonder and delight. (Of course, it was 5:15 A.M. ,so there is that.) 🙂

    Trying to find hope and joy.
    I hope you and your friend have a great visit.

    • Thank you Merril. The brightness of the moon clearly evident in your early hours – what a lovely way to wake up! It will be even bigger tonight (I sound like Trump – bigger, better, brighter). It’s just gone 7.15 p.m. here this side of the world – the full moon will no doubt be appearing within the hour over the tree tops. Please see my photo of a rainbow at end of body of the post – just added ..

      • It’s clouding up here and we’re supposed to have rain. I don’t think we’ll see the moon–but maybe a rainbow.
        Meanwhile, there’s this. Because you can never hear it too many times, IMHO.

        • This is so lovely Merril, thank you!!!! I’m still waiting for the moon to appear over the tree-tops. May the rainbow come, the rain, the moon, the stars, what a wonderful world.

  11. When the light shines bright it exposes more than we saw before. Trump is bringing some women into his fold. I have to trust that they will soften Trump’s words and bring sense to his actions. It was 1928, the last time, when our president, house, and senate were ruled by Republicans, supposedly then is when the Depression hit. Hopefully, a lesson was learned in all these years. Jobs here need to be created so that money can flow into the hands of the little man versus Corporate big wigs. Trump has a great deal to learn. I hope the large moon sheds the light that Trump needs in order to create a path to help all.

    • That’s exactly it Gwynn re the light – it can show what wasn’t previously seen or noticed. Yes, I recall that bit of history of the Republicans being in control of the house and senate and the Depression coming soon after … let’s hope that this is remembered well and truly and not re-enacted. May Trump pay heed to the full moon. Please see rainbow just added at end of body of post, and thank you for coming by and your thoughtful comment.

      • Yesterday, we had a rainbow too. LOVELY!! Trump has a great deal to learn. I’m praying the shining light will help him see the best way to go for all people. Since our people are so angry at the politics… it will be interesting to see what the Republicans do to change things… if anything. I’m PRAYING!

  12. Your words have encouraged me to continue my determination to work for my ideology rather than remain overcome with despair, as I was the first few days after the election. The moon, which influences our emotions has turned my thinking around. Your comments are, as if validation, that I have chosen to not allow the results of the election to throw me off balance. Much of the campaign had to do with women’s issues and this “Super Moon” should infuse us with the energy to carry on the task of equality for all humanity.

    Thank you, dear, dear, Susan. I have no doubt that this writing will inspire many. I love you, Girl!!

    • The beauty and energy of the moon will hopefully assist in keeping you determined, dear Marsha, for all the many and vital issues surrounding us right now. Please see the rainbow I’ve just added at the end of the body of the post – I was so pleased to see this. Thank you dear Marsha for coming by. My love is travelling over the airwaves to you.

  13. My FB post with photo of the moon last night: Regardless of what happens in our personal life or the politics of this country, no matter how old we get and what the future brings, the stars and the moon and the planets will continue

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