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Firstly, I’m really sorry that I had to abandon my previous post “What is Your Soul Asking of You” – I took it down a few hours after it went up. It is still too private for me to give you an explanation. I wish I could, but I can’t. I’m really sorry if you hit a dead link.

Susan Schwartz and I are answering written questions on ‘Aging & Becoming’ via this link – If you would like, during the course of today and this evening to pose a written question to this link, Susan & I will answer it. We go ‘live’ at 9.00 p.m. South Africa time, and 2 pm ET which means that we will answer written questions in a written form as and when and if they come up. But the link is open now if you would like to pose a question to us. We have a few hours yet in which to answer. I would so appreciate this. It is not a promotion of the book, merely to ask a question if you would like to.

I was scrolling though the photographs I have on my cell phone to find one I liked. This above one was of the sunrise in Plettenberg Bay in July last year.

A quote I came across today – very apt re the president we have here. As I write our Finance Minister is giving his annual Budget Speech in the Houses of Parliament. He’s steered our ship through very rocky waters in the past. I am hoping that he won’t be sidelined as the president is about to do a cabinet re-shuffle. He may be sidelined and we are concerned about the potential replacement …

“Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”
Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Douglas Adams had a point, I think. It’s not really people who are capable of doing the job that I fear, though, as people who strongly want to do the job. I distrust the motives of many of them.

  2. Beautiful scene in that photo, Susan. I’m sorry I missed your Susans’ Q & A. I have read some of it, will go back and read more. So much going on now, in the world and in my own life. I’m so glad your very worthwhile book is published and for the Reddit Q & A. Some very wise comments here on your blog. Ditto them all. Thanks for all the great work you are doing — building positivity and love throughout the world.

  3. Thank you for this perfect quote for the US president and lots of presidents. I’m sorry, South Africa, that you suffer on. Politics has gone in the opposite direction of ethics.

    I made it on reddit, joined, and commented. I had no idea what to expect or even if I’d actually posted my question, but it was there and answered by two Susans. It was all straightforward. The “White Lily Express.”

    • It’s a good quote isn’t it Elaine. I was thinking the same re: most presidents – and it’s very close to home. When has politics ever been ethical? I can’t think of a time – certainly, freedom fighters have been born from such oppressive measures. Maybe it’s necessary in some way – I don’t know – opposition in most instances is healthy.

      Thank you for coming by on reddit Elaine. Much appreciated. Was it a first for you? It certainly was for the 2 Susans. Maybe not for Susanne – Did you see what wonderful resources reddit appears to have – on the Jung link at least? I wonder when I will ever have time to peruse –

      The White Lily Syndrome – I musn’t forget that –

  4. Douglas Adams knew a thing or two. Hope your reddit event went well. Perhaps you’ll do a blog post with a summary of the questions + answers? For those of us who don’t reddit. Because although we’ve aged we haven’t become familiar with it! 😉

    • Thanks Ally Bean for coming by! The reddit was good thank you. A first for me, and Susan Schwartz. It was nerve wracking in its way as I am pretty awkward re the computer. 🙂 That is a very good idea re: doing a blog post about it – thank you for the suggestion!

  5. Hi Susan – gosh you are getting some good interaction … and I do hope the communication you instil in your readers will be invigorating and stimulating – I’m sure it will be.

    No president (little ‘p’!) should rule … but it’s interesting I heard mention that the papers are “quite happy” with Trump – as they are selling lots more! Swings and Roundabouts … I hope that reshuffle works out …

    We are in interesting times here – you think one thing, but then the revolving wheel adds another bit of information to the pot and subject matter … so much for someone to do!

    Cheers and with thoughts – enjoy that talk-back this pm .. all the best – Hilary

    • Thank you for coming by Hilary! Yes the communications were good – last night.

      I agree re: the little ‘p’ – I can’t call him ‘our’ president either – and truly calling any pres the ‘ruler’ gets my goat – they are there to serve their people, not to rule over.

      Changes are happening at such a fast pace. Who knows what the next turn of the wheel will bring. Apart from the political scenario, the weather has been so strange – it is cold and very wet indeed! The dams are nearly full, though the Western Cape is still very drought stricken, fires raging. If I told you how many fires they’ve had, you wouldn’t believe me –

  6. Dear Susan, Thank you so much for posting the link to yesterday’s live Q&A session. I have completely enjoyed reading through all the fascinating questions and answers this morning. I’m sorry to have missed your event, however this morning, I posted a “certain” book review on Amazon UK, my username is, “Deep-in-the-JUNG-le. I hope you enjoy! Love and blessings to you both, Deborah.

    • Thanks for tuning in this morning to the Q&A Deborah! And for your completely lovely review, I am bowled over and will alert Susan to it … Love the Deep-in-the-JUNG-le! And my love and blessings to you, gratitude also and much else …Susan

  7. Hello Susan,
    I did go to the site and I wrote a long question. I hit the enter key and it disappeared. I have no idea what happened. It may need to be approved but I didn’t see a statement saying the comment would appear after approval.
    If you can please let me know if it registered.
    Wishing you all the best.
    Shalom aleichem,

    • I’m so sorry you had that experience Pat – that is awful, annoying and time consuming, I’m really sorry. The ‘save’ button would have entered it – a few have responded recently in last little bit. I’m really sorry – thank you for trying. I did go to check on but it is not there …

  8. Hi Susan, I hope you are well. The photo is beautiful.

    I love the “Susanize-ing” comment above. 🙂 I don’t have a question, but best of luck with your book!

    • Thanks Merril! I agree re the photo – it is also very calming for me.

      Thank you for your good wishes! We’re not punting it – this time round. It’s just an open forum –

  9. HI Susan! I will be there tonight as the three of us “Susanize” reddit. Of course I am no co-author, so I will be asking questions instead of answering them. Our name means ‘White Lilly’ and it is a flower that symbolises communication. I think the way you and Susan Schwartz have manufactured this book, it was by way of building a castle with words. Brick by brick, word vey word, you created a welcoming castle for a queen to feel at home. Thank you ladies.

    • Hi Susanne! Susanize-ing reddit! I love it! Am I ready for reddit? Neither Susan nor I are are familiar with this way of communicating; she is probably way calmer than I am –

      Thank you for your lovely words – that is so kind. I am savouring them. White Lily as a symbol of communication? That is also very lovely.

      I’m hoping my friend Susan who lives in Johannesburg will pop by – imagine, 4 Susan/nes on at the same time. Three is already quite something!

      Thank you so much for coming by – and for facilitating the reddit!

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